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Who We Are

The eScooterCartel is your one stop shop for all your electric scooter and electric skateboard needs. We have a long history of excellence and customer satisfaction! We’ve been the leading voice in the electric scooter and skateboard world for years. As a company we are excited to be able to sell an alternative transportation method that is useful in a number of different situations. The #ScootGang is growing faster than ever thanks to increased adoption. 

We know that when you want to buy an electric scooter online you are looking for the best quality, but still need a scooter cheap enough that it won’t break the bank. We’ve found the right balance for your online scooter shopping by providing the best electric scooters for the cheapest prices. We also know that many of our electric scooter buyers are looking for electric skateboard online as well. So, we’ve provided the best electric skateboards and electric bicycles we can find!

Great Quality 

The quality of our product is indisputable. We only offer the best to our customers. There is a reason the eScootCartel is universally regarded as the best one stop shop for all of your needs. Our product quality is a source of immense pride for the #scootgang!

Free Shipping

We offer the industries best free shipping. We know that you are excited about your product and huge shipping costs can put on a damper on that fun. So instead of charging you shipping, we will ship your product completely free!

Fast Delivery

We like our scooters like we like our shipping! Fast! The Scoot Gang here at eScooterCartel understands how important your time is. We want you mounted up as soon as possible. Which is why we offer the fastest shipping in town!

Unbeatable Prices

We want you to have the best possible product without costing you an arm and a leg. eScooterCartel boasts the best prices online, beating out the megalithic sellers like Amazon and eBay by 10% on most products!

Excellent Support

Our support is the world standard for customer service. We strive to achieve the same level of support and multi-national corporation while still maintaining the closeness of a small business. Your happiness is an essential part of our business!

Great Quality
Free Shipping
Fast Delivery
Unbeatable Prices
Excellent Support


What is your preferred ride?

Our primary products are eScooters and eSkateboards and eBikes. Everything we sell is tested extensively by our quality assurance team.

We offer the world’s leading brands in alternative, environmentally friendly transportation. Each product offers the solutions to you transportation and recreation needs. See some of our product partners below!


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